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Well, that wasn’t scary. It was actually quick and easy. I was in my comfort zone though, with Microsoft Word as the main focus of the lessons. I know Word well, but there is always more to learn.

This section of the course is split into 3 lessons and a Knowledge Check. It sounds like a lot, but I got through it in no time!

Basically, the lessons explain that O365 is an online only platform and uses the standard Office applications, but simplified. The O365 online suite does, however, have a direct connection to the offline Microsoft applications on your computer. This is where you can use the more complex features of each application.

The lovely e-instructor proceeded to tell me to open up a document. The interactive component had begun. Completing the actions on screen made all the difference, especially when it came to the Knowledge Check.

The document opens and on comes groovy easy-listening music, this made it feel like a video game, I love it!

What’s that? No saving required with Office Online, relieving my scatter brain from much distress. Fantastic, I guess it is all up in the mysterious ‘Cloud’.

The second lesson explored editing documents online and offline. The main difference is that saving your work is automatic in Office Online whereas you must save when working offline.

I open up a document from the OneDrive account, I guess I will learn more about OneDrive in another course. The video game music is back, this time its jazzy and it really adds an element of fun to the whole process.

The e-instructor gives clear instructions on how to switch between word online and the word desktop version. Everything is connected! Any edits made offline will instantly transfer to the online version, this is all thanks to OneDrive.

Lesson 3 explores collaboration, it’s incredible that Office Online enables you to work on the same document with a colleague simultaneously.

All you need to do is ‘Share’ the document with the colleague your choice and away you go! Again, there is automatic saving and you can see what the other person adds, edits or deletes from the document.

As I continued with the lesson my friend Victoria appeared for the first time. Highlighted in pink, of course, I could see the changes Victoria made in the interactive training document. Very cool.

You can even communicate with the other editors using the ‘comment’ function. I totally understand this Office Online thing, now to test my understanding in the Knowledge Check!

The encouragement from the e-instructor and answering ALL of the Knowledge Check questions correctly (go me!) really makes me feel like I’m actually improving.

Quick editing and smooth collaboration is what Office Online is all about. Anyway, onwards and upwards to the next course, OneDrive for Business.

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